Peeping beetle

"Hey! Let me in!" this beetle seems to be saying, drawn by the kitchen light. Eater-of-Things and the cats are in favor of this idea, for reasons not conducive to the health of the beetle. I, on the other hand, am not in favor, because I don't want to watch a half dozen cats and... Continue Reading →


This morning I destroyed the kitchen. Even though I didn't sleep too terribly badly last night, I still woke up feeling fatigued, and I was just sort of plodding through my morning tasks in a fog. I got the dogs fed, poured the coffee, and then moved on to the prep for my morning smoothie.... Continue Reading →

No spoons. 

My father is back across the border; it was weird and awkward and frustrating... and I am so drained that I almost didn't make it through the day at work today. I've got my 'Part Four' post mostly done but it needs some editing for coherency - once I'm actually, you know, coherent.  So for... Continue Reading →

Invasion, Part One – the setting

I've been wanting to post about this for days, but it's hard to know how much backstory is needed for it to make sense and I've been pretty low on spoons with everything that is going on. Anyway hopefully this will give enough context... First, a bit of current event info: every two years or... Continue Reading →

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