Some days, I am my own worst enemy

Most nights, I am in bed and reading before nine o'clock. I am so exhausted by the end of a workday that it's all I can do to get through feeding the pets, making (and eating) dinner and then maybe an episode of something on Netflix, so being snuggled down under my weighted blanket with... Continue Reading →

Well, I didn’t see THIS coming!

So it's been about a month since my registered letter asking my father to cease all contact was received, and I've heard... nothing. I'm actually kind of surprised, I expected at least a bitter letter denouncing my 'betrayal' and normally in this amount of time I'd get at least two letters (his writing is as... Continue Reading →

36 Hours

Well, I am home. I left the house on Thursday at ten-thirty in the morning and pulled back in around four-thirty in the afternoon on Friday, so that was thirty six hours altogether, with over twelve hours of that on the road. Plus picking up and dropping off the rental car. I am beyond exhausted,... Continue Reading →

I guess I’ll see what tomorrow brings

I just crossed the third-longest cable-stayed bridge in the western hemisphere a little over an hour ago. I'm glad I didn't realize ahead of time that I'd be doing that; as it was, I just had time to mumble "ohshitohshitohshit" as I approached it from a distance and then pretend I wasn't actually suspended over... Continue Reading →

Stupid EDS tricks

A few minutes ago I was sitting at my desk at work eating a peach, and discovered after I bit into it that the peach was really, really ripe. This made it quite tasty, but also excessively messy. One of my sensory quirks is that I don't like my food touching me, especially things that... Continue Reading →

Every day is a different adventure

I had a spell for a few weeks where my knees were complete treacherous bastards. Unless I was absolutely vigilant when walking, one or the other would slip painfully without warning several times a day. It got to where I had decided that this was my new favorite quote: This past week, they've been a... Continue Reading →

And now I wait for a reaction.

Father's Day conjures up images of lots of tacky gifts with "World's Greatest Dad" emblazoned on them, but while some people might have been picking out novelty ties for their dads this month, I was busy severing ties with mine. The timing wasn't deliberate; I actually sent the letter weeks ago, but since I sent... Continue Reading →

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