Regaining control

This week I had an EDS consult I'd scheduled months ago (before I even had the actual diagnosis, since she books up so far ahead for those appointments) and I think it went pretty well. I liked her, and the whole experience was pretty positive; she also has a family practice out of the office... Continue Reading →



Sorry I've kind of dropped off the face of the blogosphere this past week but the weather has thrown me into hibernation mode, I think. I live in the southeast and we've been in the grip of a brutal cold snap for the past week or so. We aren't used to single digit nights (with... Continue Reading →

Digital quicksand

This morning I saw that Dream Walden was kind enough to nominate my blog for an online award called the Liebster Award. I really did appreciate the gesture. 🙂 However, as I started reading about the reward, which came with a set of requirements, I realized two things. One was that this looked familiar, like... Continue Reading →

Gifts from the Universe

I went to bed before 8:30 pm last night, intending to read a while but not even having the energy for that. I didn't get up until almost 12 hours later, which netted me a bit over eight hours of total sleep - a miracle, for me. While I can't say that I feel recharged... Continue Reading →

The holiday stress ratchets up… 

After the unpleasant mess of the last holiday, I'd hoped this one would be different. Once again, we had both family obligations to juggle, and an invite from a friend to spend Christmas with her family, something we've done for the past several years. The latter is the more appealing option, but the former is... Continue Reading →

Hypnagogic landscaping

When I went for the initial consult at the sleep clinic in mid-2015, after struggling with terrible insomnia at night for years, and worsening attacks of drowsiness during the day, one of the things the nurse practitioner was very interested in was if I was prone to vivid imagery, or hearing sounds or music, or... Continue Reading →

Solstice sunset

It has been a hard week. I've been in a web-based training class all week - one that I asked to be allowed to take, so I'm not complaining, but it was still really exhausting.  It was taught 'live' which meant that I had to pay attention to the trainer carefully and there was no... Continue Reading →

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