The last two months have been pretty eventful. I will catch up some of this stuff in more detail later (new boss, blunt head trauma, pet rats, various projects) but other things are still too raw to explore (giving up another one of our cats because he was hurting our 13 year old cat, then... Continue Reading →

The only thing worse…

The only thing worse than spotting a wasp on the inside window of your car is when you look again and don't see it any more. 🐝👀😬 Actually the wasp and I both arrived at my destination safely, and I released it to go do whatever wasps do. I wonder if it was confused to... Continue Reading →

Invasion of the Millipedes!

I haven't been posting Millipede Monday for a while because millipedes have kind of stopped being amusing. This spring they have invaded by the thousands and it's really annoying. I believe they are the species known as the garden or hothouse millipede (Oxidus gracilis) and we always get a few once spring comes, but this... Continue Reading →


The other day sucked. To explain, I need to backtrack a bit. A few years back, my therapist referred me to a psychiatrist to look into getting something prescribed to help with my insomnia/fragmented sleep. He had some ideas of what to try, based on what had worked for a couple of other Aspie clients,... Continue Reading →

Wall of sadness

Note: I wrote this over a week ago but couldn't quite bring myself to post it at the time. I sort of retreated into myself for a while. I'm better now. It started like a normal day at work. I sifted through my work tickets, trying to prioritize them to see which ones needed to... Continue Reading →


I had a dream a few nights ago that my partner and I were walking through a residential neighborhood. It had the same sort of feel as the nicer side of the city where we first met and used to drive around to look at all of the beautiful old houses, but it didn't match... Continue Reading →


(By the way, this is not the dream post that I tried to start a few days ago. That one is still marinating in my drafts folder.) So after several false starts, spring has finally sprung in my neck of the woods! Everything is growing, blooming, bursting with life (and pollen 😮) and it's so... Continue Reading →

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