I took yesterday off work to give myself some recovery time - I've just been so fatigued and foggy lately that I thought some downtime might be restorative. It was actually supposed to be two days off, but there was a serious issue I was working on with a software vendor all last week and... Continue Reading →

The return of Millipede Monday!

My partner found this gorgeous millipede pretending to be dead in our laundry room, and brought it to me. 🙂 I think it's probably Sigmoria latior, known as the red-sided or flat-backed millipede. I find them under decaying leaves when I'm gardening pretty often; it can be startling when it's an individual that's bright yellow... Continue Reading →

Flowers and fatigue

Spring is my favorite time of year. Everything is fresh and new and vibrantly alive, the flowers are all blooming, and the various many-legged critters that disappeared for the winter are returning. Summer is nice, but I don't cope with the heat so well these days, and fall is beautiful but it just makes me... Continue Reading →

Survival camouflage

Prior to my getting into Information Technology, I worked for many years as a Veterinary Technician, and even before that, animals were always one of my biggest interests. One thing I learned early on with small animals I kept - especially birds and reptiles, but it's something you see a lot in cats as well... Continue Reading →


When we moved into the new house, some friends gave us a really cool hammock for the deck. It wasn't just one of those loose mesh things, but rather a canvas one hanging on a metal frame with metal bars at each end to stretch it flat. We'd always talked about getting a hammock when... Continue Reading →

Cascading clusterf**k

Warning: foul language ahead Even though I have an epic potty-mouth (things like home improvement projects are not a PG-rated event in my house) I try to keep the blog fairly clean so as not to alienate someone, but I find it hard to write this post without utilizing words like 'shitshow' and 'clusterfuck' so... Continue Reading →

Return of the living dead (Aspie)

I have been cold all day, so cold my fingers were stiff and bluish looking under the nails, and I also am having problems with my right SI joint and hip for some reason. Well, not exactly 'for some reason' but rather most likely because I did some yard work, mowing, and weed-eating yesterday. Anyway,... Continue Reading →

Tumbleweed head

After being at work for almost an hour (and having several interactions including briefly meeting with my boss to discuss a project) I went to the restroom, and while washing my hands, glanced at the mirror to discover that I had forgotten to brush my hair this morning. Whoops! I have really long wiry hair... Continue Reading →

Mental Jukebox: The Raven

So it's been months since I did one of these 'mental jukebox' posts. It's not because my brain doesn't have a constant and varied soundtrack running through it at any given time, it's because it was one of those ideas of mine that was a bit overly ambitious. I wasn't content just to post the... Continue Reading →

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