Every day is a different adventure

I had a spell for a few weeks where my knees were complete treacherous bastards. Unless I was absolutely vigilant when walking, one or the other would slip painfully without warning several times a day. It got to where I had decided that this was my new favorite quote: This past week, they've been a... Continue Reading →

And now I wait for a reaction.

Father's Day conjures up images of lots of tacky gifts with "World's Greatest Dad" emblazoned on them, but while some people might have been picking out novelty ties for their dads this month, I was busy severing ties with mine. The timing wasn't deliberate; I actually sent the letter weeks ago, but since I sent... Continue Reading →

Lost in the fog…

So it's Saturday, my partner is working and I have the day off, and I've been adding to my ToDoIst list of chores and tasks for me to do today all week. The weather looks like it is going to be nice and I have the whole day ahead of me to catch up on... Continue Reading →


I'd originally planned a longer post tonight, but I'm sore and feeling run down, so instead I'll share some of my favorite recent spider sightings. 😀🕷️ The featured image is a big wolf spider that was running across the pavement outside our door. My partner actually spotted her and called me to come see. This... Continue Reading →

Traveling while autistic

I have a friend who has recently discovered AirBnB. She and her husband rent out a property they own to vacationers and tourists to our area, and they've also used the service for vacationing, themselves. She's an outgoing person who likes to shop for deals, so it works for her. When she found out (via... Continue Reading →

Another Millipede Monday

Actually, I've cheated and substituted a centipede, but that's what I had to work with this week. 😉 Featured Image: A small, glossy, dark reddish-brown centipede exploring the water glass I trapped it in. I had rescued it from the cats, and released it outdoors after taking the photo.


I took yesterday off work to give myself some recovery time - I've just been so fatigued and foggy lately that I thought some downtime might be restorative. It was actually supposed to be two days off, but there was a serious issue I was working on with a software vendor all last week and... Continue Reading →

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