I realize it's been awful quiet over here the past few weeks, (cue crickets chirping) but I've been involved in a large messy project at work that has a hard deadline of August 31, so it's likely to continue to at least that point if not longer. Right now I am just trying to hang... Continue Reading →


Mailbox, that is. The silence from the north was finally broken this past week. I opened my mailbox and took out what at first just looked like a large wad of flyers and coupons, but then a postcard slipped out of the pile. On one side was a map depicting Key West, Florida. On the... Continue Reading →

Dogs and Cats and POTS, oh my!

My four days of solitude passed much faster than I would have liked. On the first day, my biggest accomplishment was to trigger some sort of POTS episode that almost made me pass out (more on this in a bit) and by the second day, I felt guilty for sitting around and embarked upon one... Continue Reading →

Recharging and refocusing

My partner left early this morning to visit an old school friend for the next four days. Since getting the nine pets taken care of in the morning is a lot of work, and I am still feeling run down from the Charleston trip, I decided to take today and tomorrow off to have four... Continue Reading →

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