Cheese knees

I remember when I was a kid, there was this annoying game some of the boys in class would play where they would sneak up on other people and kick or hit the backs of their knees - not hard, but just hard enough to make their legs buckle. It was a strange and disturbing... Continue Reading →


Dumb excuse o’the day…

This morning I was late for work because I misplaced my phone. Again. Typically, I can find it by retracing my steps, but it wasn't in any of the usual (yes, it happens often enough that I can use the word 'usual' here) locations. I couldn't have my partner call it and hunt it down... Continue Reading →

Non-change of plans

We've been alternating between soaking rains and high winds the past few days or so, and it's brought down a lot of branches and more than a few actual trees. I was sitting on the couch a few minutes ago, alone in the house because my partner went out to a social event, and all... Continue Reading →

Collateral damage

This has been a really rough week. To really explain would take more words than I have right now, and I'm not trying to be deliberately vague, I just recognize my own limitations and if I try to make this post about all of it, then it is destined to join several others in unfinished... Continue Reading →

Clouds in my head

I've had issues with brain fog going back all the way to childhood. I remember trying to describe that unpleasant physical sensation and inability to think as 'clouds in my head' long before I heard the term 'brain fog' many years later. The brain fog has been especially bad over the past few years and... Continue Reading →

Holding pattern

I actually took the photo on this post at the beginning of the month, intending to put it up at Imbolc, but the post I wanted to build around it just never made it out of my head. I've still been struggling with lack of energy. What I do have gets used up on work,... Continue Reading →

Punday morning

I have been known to take great delight in what I consider a good pun. The 'good' part is open to debate, I suppose, depending on whether the other person likes puns or not. My partner mostly just ignores them, so as not to encourage me, but occasionally (almost always unintentionally) sets up a good... Continue Reading →

Outlet mal*

*That's not a typo. So I made it through another week, mostly by going to bed before nine, and as we were having breakfast this morning, my partner asked what my plans were for the day. I shrugged noncommittally. "You mentioned earlier in the week that you wanted to buy some sweatpants and shoes..." she... Continue Reading →

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