Mapping the mess

So lately, the stress has been ratcheting way up for me and I am having trouble getting it back under control. It's not coming out of the blue: besides the treepocalypse there have been a lot of things adding to the number of things I already obsessively worry over, but knowing why I am anxious... Continue Reading →


I have several things I want to post about, but not enough day to go around right now, so while I try to flail my way through the sea of things I'm drowning in, here's a photo of a wolf spider1 embarking on his2 'freedom run' in the meantime. I found him waiting for me... Continue Reading →

Rules of sleep

So it has been a week since the treepocalypse in my back yard and I'm doing better than I was the day of my last post, finally. I had a few days of being even less able to speak coherently than usual, and maybe not-coincidentally, a few pretty good sleep attacks, but last night I... Continue Reading →


Yesterday was a very stressful day. I was planning on taking the day off today to get my phone replaced (I've actually been really excited about it) and catch up a few tasks that involve phone calls. I am really bad about phone calls, and that should probably be its own post at some point,... Continue Reading →

Jumping in…

I have narcolepsy - I think? I mean, I've been diagnosed with it, but I'm not so sure. I am also autistic. That one I have no doubt about. It's funny; a year ago, I had only the vaguest notion of what either term truly meant. It's been a busy year. It started (well, not... Continue Reading →

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