It's been almost two weeks since my week-long trip to the coast for work. I got through the week without any major drama (OK, maybe some minor drama, like the text I sent my partner that said "I hate the f***ing beach.") and I learned some seriously cool things in the security class, but I'd... Continue Reading →

Systemizing.  Huh. 

This morning I  came across an interesting post from Seventh Voice that had been reshared on Facebook, The Gendering of Autism. The post discussed how a test called the 'Systemizing Quotient' skewed results towards scoring men higher than women because the original questions were strongly biased towards traditional masculine gender roles. This was the second time... Continue Reading →

New friend

I found this little fellow when I got out of the shower this  morning, so apparently word has got out that I was in town. 😉

Made it halfway!

I survived the car rental process, (and navigating the airport!) the packing, and the long car ride - though I drove through a terrible thunderstorm and had to pull over and arrived about two hours later than anticipated. It was dark, I was tired, and the hotel looked... sketchy. It is actually OK, which is... Continue Reading →


I have been on a rollercoaster I think twice in my life. The first time I was real young and had no idea what to expect. The following time, I was goaded into it by a family member who said that I was too young to have really appreciated it the first time, and this... Continue Reading →

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