Space Bubbles

Among those who know me,  my personal space boundary is kind of legendary. I don't like being touched, but I also don't like people even getting too close to me. It's like there's an invisible bubble around me  (sort of like the giant hamster ball depicted here) that I hate having breached. I work to maintain... Continue Reading →

Trying not to implode

I'm still here.  Since my last post,  we looked at about two dozen or so houses,  some of those more than once. We made offers on three. The first seller rejected our first offer and was actually rather nasty about it. The second flaked out after lengthy back and forth negotiations. The third we also... Continue Reading →

This is really happening

Yesterday we met with a realtor and signed paperwork to put our house up for sale. While I am relieved to finally get the wheels in motion, and it would be a tremendous relief to get away from the very busy highway location and into a better house,  I'm also really anxious about the upheaval.... Continue Reading →


Last week I had my routine visit with the sleep doctor. As usual, he asked about how things were going, like the last four times, I explained that the modafinil doesn't do anything for me except make me feel fried, and actually seems to cause me major problems with concentration, and like the previous times,... Continue Reading →

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