And now for something completely different…

This has nothing to do with autism, or narcolepsy – or even spiders. It’s just one of those things that make me go “hmmmm…”

The other day I was working on troubleshooting a driver issue on a computer I was prepping, and I was suddenly seized by an irresistible urge for junk food from the vending machine. Specifically, peanut M&Ms. I could picture them in my head – hell, I could almost taste them. This was unusual, because I generally avoid eating junk and it’s been months since I went anywhere near the vending machine. Besides, I never carry cash.

Except then I remembered that I did have a couple of dollar bills left over from the road trip. But then I also remembered that the vending machine didn’t actually have M&Ms, just the little gumball-type machine, and I definitely had no change. Still, now that the idea was in my head and the dollar bill was burning a hole in my pocket, I could at least go see what else was there.

As I stood up and reached for my wallet in my back pocket to make sure I wasn’t mistaken about the dollar bill, my co-worker got up from his desk and passed me headed out to the hallway. I figured he was off to the restroom and gave him a head start so that I wouldn’t be crowding out the door behind him. Then, dollar bill in hand, I trekked out to the vending machine.

Coming around the corner, I almost collided with the same co-worker, who was on his way back from the machine – with a packet of peanut M&Ms (apparently the machine has them now) clutched in his hand! So what happened? Did he read my thoughts? Did I read his? Did some giant cosmic wave of ‘must have M&Ms’ drift through the building?

Anyway, I thought it was interesting and funny, and might be a nice break from the more serious stuff I’ve been posting. 🙂


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