Whereby life goes from moderately stressful to ‘aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!’ 

So, things moved faster than expected. A lot faster. The house is sold, in theory. We have a little over a month and a half to find a new house we can afford, get financed contingent on existing sale going through,  close both sales on the same day, move out of one house with a large herd of cats and dogs and into next on that same day… assuming nothing goes wrong with either sale, in which case we are royally screwed.  

If all of that wasn’t enough,  there has been drama and misunderstandings with the real estate agent,  partly due to my dodging unpleasant conversations as long as I possibly can, then probably making it worse by handling via email instead of face to face or phone.  

That weight I was beginning to regain?  Heading back in the opposite direction again, as my lower digestive track is in full revolt. The next couple of months are going to be interesting, for sure.  :O


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