Trying not to implode

I’m still here. 

Since my last post,  we looked at about two dozen or so houses,  some of those more than once. We made offers on three. The first seller rejected our first offer and was actually rather nasty about it. The second flaked out after lengthy back and forth negotiations. The third we also went back and forth with at length, and finally agreed on terms. 

So apparently we’ve bought a house (again, in theory, since now there’s two ways the whole thing can come down around our ears)  and the past week has been an avalanche of forms, inspectors, appraisers, and dealing with the loan process. The buyers for our house are still in the appraisal process and haven’t yet scheduled their inspections, which doesn’t ease my nerves at all, though the realtor for the sale maintains that this is normal and things are humming among.  

I am very relieved to not be spending every spare moment house hunting any more. The process of analyzing and categorizing the listings was fun at first but draining. I hate invading other people’s space. The process of negotiation was incredibly stressful for me. But I can’t even get excited over the new house, not yet, not for almost another month.

If our sale goes bad, we lose the purchase. We have a condition in the contract that we can back out in that event, but it will still be horrible. 

If our purchase goes bad,  we are homeless at the end of next month when the sale closing happens. We have a few backup options, but none are ideal and with a houseful of pets, it will be a logistical nightmare to pull off. Hell, even if everything does go according to plan, it is. We have to be out of one house and into the next in one day. We still haven’t actually worked out where the cats will be in between those two events. 

I’m trying hard not to crash but it’s difficult without enough downtime to recover. My whole body aches, communication is very difficult at times,  and I’m having, uh… let’s just call it ‘serious digestive tract issues’ and leave it at that. Oh, and I supposedly need a root canal. 


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