It took me 48 years to figure out this trick?

We had snow this week, which means I had to wear snow boots, which usually means that I’d spend a good portion of my time re-tying my boot laces, or tripping over them because I didn’t notice they were untied.

I’ve always had issues keeping my shoelaces tied. I know how – and theoretically I do it properly – but it never fails that at some point in the day I’ll find myself shlepping around with one or both shoes untied. For my sneakers, I use Locklaces (truly a useful invention!) but they don’t really make those for boots.

A couple of days ago when I was lacing up my boots, it occurred to me to try tucking the loops and lace ends back under the top laced-up part. It took a bit of effort to work them under, but it worked! No more undone laces. 😀

Now I just have to figure out a handy hack for keeping me from slamming my seat belt buckle in the car door every day….



One thought on “It took me 48 years to figure out this trick?

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  1. Omg you too?? I was nodding and chuckling in knowledge and agreement with your entire post, right down to the seatbelt-stuck-in-door part!! Lol 😊😊

    Honestly, I triple-knot my shoelaces (really tightly!) and they STILL come undone from time to time! Thank you for this trick!

    ~The Silent Wave Blog writer ❤️

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