Reshare: Autism Level 1: “Requiring support” – What Support? 

Autism Level 1: “Requiring support” – What Support? –

I just read this post at Anonymously Autistic and wow, so much of it resonates. I started off commenting on the post, but the comment got so long I decided I’d just post it here.

I am fortunate to have a job I love, but that wasn’t always the case,  and years of forcing myself to function, to mask my deficits  and sensitivities, have taking their toll on my health. 

Even at my current job, I have to cope with things that overload my senses, fry my nervous system, and on top of that I have to take prescription stimulants to remain alert and productive, because of my sleep attacks. 

When I take a few days off, the difference is dramatic… I do things at my own pace,  take as much ‘down’  time as I need, nap when a sleep attack hits. I control how much (or little) social interaction I have, and I don’t take – or need – the stimulants. My creativity and energy return. I am so much more me

But I have a mortgage and bills and a household to support, so I keep up with the daily workload for as long as I can. But what happens when I can’t any more? And even if I make it to ‘retirement’ age – another 25 years at least – will there be anything left of me to enjoy it?


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  1. This is an example of an area where, when I think about how the world could be made better for autistic people, it comes down to making the world better, period. It’s like we’re the canaries in the coal mine, warning of a toxically unsustainable system.

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