Aspie to NT translation fail of the day

Our house has a walk-out, finished basement, and that’s the door we usually enter through, rather than going up the outside stairs and in from the deck. A friend gave us some pre-formed cardboard inserts from a delivery she’d gotten, for our cats to play with, and I brought them in and temporarily set them on the floor by the downstairs door.

Partner: “We can put those in the basement.”

Me, a bit puzzled: “They’re already in the basement.”

She gave me an odd look and went upstairs. Upon later reflection, I realized she’d meant ‘we can use those in the basement’ and the look she gave me was her attempting to figure out if I was deliberately trying to be annoying or not, and then giving me the benefit of the doubt. In her defense, that’s a tough call to make, because I have a strange sense of humor and have been known to be a smartass. In this instance, though, I took her quite literally. It’s kind of funny, after the fact.


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