Today I went for a consult with a practitioner at a local Chinese medicine clinic. Nothing else has worked for me, and if I don’t get some control over my nervous system soon, I’m going to end up not being able to do my job. 

I actually went for treatment for my insomnia there several years ago, before my narcolepsy diagnosis, and it did help some, but the insomnia was just a small part of the picture and I could not afford to keep going back at the time. I still can’t, not really, but I’m at wits end. 

If nothing else, it was nice to have someone listen – really listen – and even agree that I’m probably onto something with my suspicion that there’s something out of whack with my autonomic nervous system. I’m trying a series of weekly acupuncture sessions to see if it helps at all.

The hope is that this can give me some relief for the horrible temperature regulation issues and weird heart rate fluctuations that have plagued me lately… A lot of the other stuff I’ve just learned to live with over time, but the chills and overheating are sheer misery.

Even if it could just buy me some time until I can find another doctor, I’d be grateful. 


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