My new best friend for the next 14 days

The week isn’t even over yet but so far I’ve braved a concert, heard foxes squabbling on the hillside above my house, bought another piece of furniture to refinish, and – oh, yeah – for reasons unknown my heart has been trying to rev itself out of my chest, particularly when I stand up. 

Seriously, Tuesday afternoon my Fitbit congratulated me on my 101 minute cardio workout, which was problematic as I was working at my desk at the time.  Also, I’ve discovered that the Fitbit is terrible at measuring a fast heartbeat, and actually was underreporting it by 20-30 bpm. 

I think this has been going on a few weeks, and it’s what is causing the fatigue and light-headedness when I get up sometimes, but it took a heart rate of 172 bpm to get my attention. 

I spent half my morning today getting bloodwork, x-rays, and a dog clicker glued to my chest. At least that’s what the heart monitor looks like, and it actually does have a button I’m supposed to click if I feel anything weird. I have to wear it for 14 days and if it comes unglued I have to call an 800 number, so of course now I’ll be scared to move for the next two weeks for fear of dislodging it.  

It’s positioned right about where the insignia would be on a Starfleet uniform; too bad I don’t have one of those on hand to wear, so that if I have to hit the heart monitor button, it will just look like I’m signaling the Enterprise to beam me up. 😀

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