(not my) inside voice

Yesterday my partner and I went to a discount housewares store at our local mall to pick up some odds and ends. As we were checking out, the overly perky cashier chirped “… and would you like to make a donation to A***** S***** today, ma’am?” 

“Absolutely NOT!” I blurted out, a good deal louder than I meant to. Whoops. 

The clerk looked a bit startled and confused, and I opened my mouth to elaborate, but then saw that I was getting the ‘just let it go’ look from my partner and closed it again. That was probably for the best, it would have been a waste of breath, though now that cashier probably thinks I am some bigot who hates autistic people. 

I don’t know what got into me; usually I’d keep what I was thinking inside my head, in a public place like that. I guess that after almost a month of ‘awareness’ I was feeling a bit testy. 

If I feel strongly enough about something to overcome my introvertedness and speak up, it generally doesn’t go well because there’s no volume control and I tend to not know when to get down off the soapbox once I’m up there. This time it was kind of funny, though. 🙂


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