Ceiling surprise 

I was drinking my morning coffee today and my partner was on the phone with her mom, when she suddenly started gesturing to get my attention and pointing at the living room ceiling.  I looked up and there was a red line... moving. I got a stool, a glass, and a piece of cardboard and... Continue Reading →

Seriously? We need a moat. 

So earlier today I was out in the back yard, picking up dog poop, when suddenly I saw an unfamiliar SUV driving up our driveway. My first thought was that someone was lost. I stopped what I was doing to watch them pull up to the house.  I should point out that I live about... Continue Reading →


So I had a really good stretch for a while there; I'd changed my diet and maybe the Acupuncture was helping me too (a very large car repair bill ended my weekly visits) or, I don't know, maybe the planets were just in the right alignment. Whatever the reason, I suddenly had energy again and... Continue Reading →

Boom boom out go the lights

So when I left off my epic novel of a post about the cardiology visit, I was determined to prove to the doctor that I am actually experiencing not just orthostatic hypotension, but also orthostatic tachycardia, by way of a 'poor man's tilt table test' experiment I was going to carry out with my blood... Continue Reading →

Quiet time, and spider of the day

I must have moved this spider at least three different times while I was working on my deck this evening (putting wire fencing over the railing so that my dogs could enjoy the deck too without the either of the little ones falling to their death) so maybe it wanted its picture taken. 😉 I'm... Continue Reading →

My week, so far

I created this image of my broken heat pump with a WannaCry malware infection screen over it as a joke, but it kind of captures what my week has been like so far quite nicely, except that I couldn't figure out how to also superimpose the giant medical bill that came yesterday and the two... Continue Reading →

Wee me and a tale of two bees

The photo in this post is of a bumblebee (or maybe a carpenter bee) that I rescued out of a pail of water. That is actually my hand it's sitting on in the picture. This will become relevant later... When I was a couple of years old, I had a toy called a Queen Buzzy... Continue Reading →

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