My 50th post! And my first comment spam. 

Yesterday’s post of the jumping spider popped up a notification that it was my 50th post. Right on the heels of that I got my first comment spam. Does that mean I’ve arrived? 😉 

Fifty posts doesn’t seem like much of an accomplishment since I started this blog about nine months ago, but for a lot of that time, I felt too physically drained to post at all. At least I’ve managed to keep plodding along.

I have about a half dozen drafts sitting around, waiting for me to have time to devote to finishing them. Serious blog posts can be a rabbit hole for me – I might waste hours rereading and refining what I am trying to say. Did that sound too harsh? Does this make sense at all? Do I need to explain that thing better so that it doesn’t sound wrong? Will this other thing come off in a way that will set off some sort of drama?

I’m a veteran of Usenet, Listserv, the old early 90s AOL communities, and Yahoo groups so I know how easy it is to kick off a flame war because you expected strangers to read the abrupt sentence you wrote and understand the deep meaning you were trying to convey.

Anyway, I don’t always have time to really blog (lately this is because I do have energy and am catching up household projects rather than because I’m too drained to function, so that’s a good thing!) but I’m trying to make a commitment to at least post something every few days – even if it’s a blurry picture of a millipede showcasing my badly chewed cuticles.

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