Today was not the greatest of days. I had all sorts of logistical problems to work out that involved interaction and cooperation with others: specifically for those others to make the judgment call as to when some critical server reboots needed to take place. My job deals with public safety equipment, and if there’s something down at the wrong time there can be serious repercussions for all involved, so what I really needed was for someone who actually would be impacted by the downtime to give me the best time for them, but they kept deflecting the decision back to me.

On the heels of this, I had to rush home to meet a repair technician to try and get our heat pump’s AC working, and that ended up being a huge can of worms. It’s still not working, and it might be too expensive to repair. 

By the time my partner arrived home and I was trying to explain the AC issue, I realized I was way, way overwhelmed, and that instead of manifesting as a sleepy shutdown, this time it was headed in the other direction. I am not sure if I can blame my recently improved energy for that… 

The good thing was that I was able to recognize the impending meltdown and take steps to defuse my over-agitated nervous system. I knew I had to burn off some steam and let my brain rest, so I headed outside with a large pair of branch loppers and worked on the overgrown hillside below my house until I was sweaty, drained, and much calmer. 

Usually when I get that overwhelmed, a nap, some quiet reading time, or a long solitary walk will sooth me, but when there’s so much volatile energy involved, hard physical ‘mindless’ work is what is needed. 

I am very grateful to have learned about my Asperger’s last year; gaining a better understanding of how my brain works has helped me manage situations like this much better… Instead of a teary, incoherent meltdown (usually followed by a terrible headache) I got a huge swath of brush cleared in my front yard. 🙂 


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