My week, so far

I created this image of my broken heat pump with a WannaCry malware infection screen over it as a joke, but it kind of captures what my week has been like so far quite nicely, except that I couldn’t figure out how to also superimpose the giant medical bill that came yesterday and the two diagnosis letters I asked for to give to my employers, and how to represent all the communication failures (not my fault) that are going on. At least all the server patching is done, and went better than expected.

In spite of my management of the overload Tuesday, I’m still feeling like an overstretched rubber band so I am taking a sanity day off work today. My resources are drained to the point where I am failing to manage my inside voice/outside voice control, and “what do you want?” is not really an appropriate response to a coworker appearing at my desk. Thankfully he thought I was teasing/kidding around.

I wish I could just relax, but I also have a cardiologist appointment today, and someone (another stranger) is coming this morning at some vaguely scheduled time to give us a second opinion on the heat pump. My partner and I discussed it, and the first guy’s strategy of just replacing parts until it’s either working or we’ve determined it needs to be replaced is not acceptable. The second person came on the recommendation of a friend, and hopefully he’ll have some good news.

As for the communication failures, I swear, we are always hearing about how we autistics have communication problems, but some of my worst issues are in dealing with neurotypicals.  Here are a few examples from the past few days:

  1. Trying to get the handyman who is going to drill a hole in my wall so that I can run a portable AC1 scheduled.
    (via text) Hey —-, our regular AC is broken now and we don’t know when it will be fixed, so that room is really hot, do you have any idea when you might be able to come out? Also, we’re going to go ahead and pick up the portable AC. Should we get an 8000 BTU unit or 10,000?
    Handyman: 8000
    That’s the only reply we got.
  2. IT trouble ticket received that a laptop can’t communicate with the network copier. They say the copier shows offline. A quick look at my network monitor shows the laptop is offline.
    Me (replying to the ticket via email): Is this machine XXXX? If so, I’m showing that XXXX is offline; you can’t get to the copier because the laptop isn’t on the network. Have you checked that it’s docked securely and the cable is connected, and have you tried rebooting?
    Reply: Yes
    Me: Is that ‘yes, this is XXXX’, ‘yes we’ve checked the dock and cables’ or ‘yes, we’ve already rebooted’?
    Still waiting for a reply.
  3. We are cleaning up the domain accounts on one of our Exchange servers, so we know how many licenses we need to upgrade to Office365. I sent a list of a few accounts that were in question to HR…
    Me: Hi —-, we are getting ready to do a mail upgrade and trying to determine which users are employees and which are volunteers, as we’re only able to purchase licenses for employees. Can you tell me if these five users are volunteers or employees?
    Reply: Yes

I work very hard to communicate clearly, I re-read everything several times before I send it (the downside is I am very slow with emails because of that) to make sure there aren’t different ways what I wrote can be taken, and that someone else will be able to clearly understand what I mean. And then I get back ‘yes’ – seriously, WTF?

1 I have serious issues regulating my body temperature, and have trouble sleeping unless it’s about 66 degrees or less, and the humidity is under 45%. My partner runs cold, and also likes to have the windows open in her room, (I sleep by myself in a windowless room so that I can have it entirely dark) so we are going to install a portable air conditioner in my room so I can keep it cold at night without having to cool the whole house. It needs a way to vent, though, so we need to have a hole drilled for the exhaust hose.

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