So I had a really good stretch for a while there; I’d changed my diet and maybe the Acupuncture was helping me too (a very large car repair bill ended my weekly visits) or, I don’t know, maybe the planets were just in the right alignment. Whatever the reason, I suddenly had energy again and felt good. So I did what I do every time that happens: I went into a frenzy of doing all of the things that I’d been too run down to do. And it was awesome, while it lasted. 

There were warning signs I didn’t heed, like for the past week or so my legs feeling heavy and achy when I was trying to go for a walk. Also, my blood pressure has been really low, even laying down, so I should have recognized that things were on a downturn. 

I think that particularly stressful week at work was my undoing, and I crashed hard. I’ve been laying low and recuperating, and getting the “you do this every time, haven’t you learned yet?” lecture from my partner. 

The heart thing was extra terrible for a few days, but is improving now. I’ve been studying up on heart rate variability and the approach of taking a daily reading to try and gauge when I can keep ‘doing’ vs. when I need to rest. I bought a heart rate chest strap and downloaded some HRV apps.   

I’m still supposed to stay off the Adderall until after my stress test and have had some debilitating sleep attacks. I’ve also been fuzzy brained and extra stimmy at work, and having a harder time getting words out, but I’m not as self conscious about that as I once was; most everyone I interact with regularly knows I’m autistic now and that takes a lot of pressure off. 

Hopefully I’ll bounce back quick – the blog may be a bit quiet until I do. In the meantime, here’s a picture of a hoverfly tasting my hand. 🙂

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