I forgot to ration my spoons again… 

I realize that many days have passed without so much as a spider mite appearing here. I repeated pretty much the same pattern as I have a lot lately: rest some, feel better, go berserk and do a bunch of stuff, crash. 

I have been able to quantify the process a bit, though, using that chest strap and two different HRV analysis programs, and it is looking more and more like what causes the eventual crash is not the physical activity (within reason) so much as an excess of things that cause me anxiety, like stressful events and too much ‘peopling’. I think there’s also a dietary component. 

As long as I have enough alone time and rest, I can actually handle a fair bit of physical activity. The problem is that it’s not always within my control…

Elite HRV app ‘Morning Readiness’ result from this morning.

I started researching heart rate variability monitoring to try and help with my chronic health issues, but from an autistic standpoint, what I am finding particularly interesting is that the ‘yellow’ days I’ve charted so far have come after days where I was fairly inactive, but had to get out and socialize with family or friends. 

It seems to be showing me in an actual tangible way just how much that social contact costs me; even when it’s with people whose company I mostly enjoy, the stress of interacting overstimulates my sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight response) way too much and wipes me out.

My brain is too foggy today to make a lot of sense, so I think I’ll give up trying to explain what I mean until I’m a bit sharper again, but if anyone is interested in learning more about this, I’m including a few links below.

What Is Heart Rate Variability? And Why Does It Matter?

Dysautonomia, POTS & HRV monitoring

Your Crash in a Graph? How Heart Rate Variability Testing Could Help You Improve Your Health 

4 thoughts on “I forgot to ration my spoons again… 

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    1. Thanks! At least I am learning all sorts of stuff that might finally help. The other app I am using is Sweet Beats. They both measure HRV, but use different algorithms. Both have a meditation option you can use for biofeedback; I’m still learning about that, but I’ve actually seen firsthand where I got distracted from the breathing exercises (I am terribly at meditation) and started worrying about something, and the readout was immediately affected.

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      1. Omg I’m so excited for you! One thing I’ve learned over my years is that whenever I suffer the most, the best things are around the corner waiting for my discovery. I hope the same holds true for you! I’m so stoked for you that you’re learning and exploring all this cool stuff! Thank you so much for sharing it with us 😘❤️👍🏼🎉🎊

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