The Universe trolled me hard today 

Yesterday at work, I was running between two of the buildings I work at and came across a bunch of purple viney plant parts strewn across the parking lot. I am not sure how it got there – maybe someone had been transporting an overgrown hanging plant and lost some of it? But I felt sorry for it… I’m a sucker for a plant in distress. 

I picked up all of the clumps, took them back to my office, and salvaged what hadn’t been crushed (run over?) or dried out. I cut off the top of a water bottle and put the plant cuttings in it to root, then took them home at the end of the day. 

Because I live with four plant-eating felines, the bottle of cuttings went straight out onto the safety of the covered porch,  for now. My partner arched an eyebrow at it when we were sitting out there later on,  and I explained that ‘it followed me home.’ 

I’ve had this type of plant before, when I was growing up, and knew it then by a name that seems kind of racist to me now, so I know I didn’t refer to it by that name when she asked about it, and no one else even saw it before I brought it home. I also didn’t take a picture of it, Google it, or text or post about it on social media. Which is why I was a bit creeped out to see this in my Facebook feed this morning:

Seriously, WTF? 

P. S. One of the other names for this plant, according to Wikipedia, is ‘spiderwort’ –  I like that a lot better! 


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