Down a rabbit hole

Featured Image: A soggy sacrificial seahorse, nudged onto the laptop by Eater-of-Things – who was trying to get my attention away from the screen I’d been glued to for hours.

This morning, in spite of my looking forward to sleeping in, I was up at five. My first impulse was to capitalize on that early start, and I tried to, but it’s now after eleven and I’ve been sitting futzing around with the theme on this blog for hours. This is what happens when I get on the computer, and why I tend to avoid doing so, a lot of the time: I fall down rabbit holes.

It started innocently enough… I realized about a week or so ago that all of those carefully chosen ‘featured images’ on my posts don’t actually show on the posts, only on the main page. Apparently some themes give you the option of where to show them, but the one I was using did not, so I had resolved to fix that as soon as I had a bit of time to research it.

This was not as easy as it seemed.  Apparently I can have featured images on posts, header and layout control, color choices, and a layout I like, but not all of those things at once in any free theme I can find. This is the price I am ‘paying’ for the free hosting, but if I move the blog to my self-hosted space then I lose my anonymity, and I can’t afford to pony up for a premium hosted account.

Determined to have ‘all of the things’ in one theme, I kept trying and customizing different ones, over and over. I was finally snapped out of this loop by a very sorrowful Eater-of-Things, who wanted a lap and presented a well-chewed and rather damp squeak toy as payment.

I have created (for now) an inelegant hack for the missing navigation on the main page, I am going to clean the slobber off my keyboard, shut down the computer, and spend the rest of what looks to be a beautiful day with the dogs.

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