I’m not sharing my coffee with you… 

I was outside on the porch drinking coffee this morning and spotted this quirky looking little bug on my mug. 

I gave it a little nudge with my finger and it sprang a good four feet through the air, startling me as much as I must have started the bug. 

The bedroom painting odyssey continues… I also had to patch a bunch of damaged drywall and re-paint the crown moulding,  as it was never primed so the nails bled through. I thought that some idiot had used plaster to try and disguise where the moulding seams didn’t line up, but when I tried to sand it down I discovered they were an even bigger idiot because it was actually silicone caulk like you’d use around a bathtub. I am at the point where I’m picking my battles,  so I just painted over the caulk and am going to pretend it isn’t all lumpy looking. 

I decided to listen to my entire Led Zeppelin collection as I paint; I’m up to “Coda” and it’s clear I’ll run out of albums before I run out of wall. I’m not sure I like either painting or Led Zeppelin any more at this point. 😉


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