My boss is awesome

So I have this coworker who is the nicest, sweetest guy in the world but he drives me batty. We have adjacent offices and he makes... noises. Lots of noises. Knuckle rapping and knocking sounds mostly, but sometimes finger snapping, as well as often a repetitive creaking sound that I assume is made by rocking... Continue Reading →

(Human) faces make me anxious

I've been trying to come up with a witty title for this post all day, but I worried what I thought was humorous would just come off as snarky (such as one rejected title "Dear Neurotypicals: plastering your faces all over things does not make me want to buy them") and so instead I just... Continue Reading →

Millipede(less) Monday and burnout

Well, all things must come to an end and there were no millepede sightings in my house last week, thus no Millipede Monday today. Here is a pretty little green lacewing I spotted on my deck railing, instead. In our house, we nicknamed these 'tinkerbelles' since they look like little fairy creatures. Delicate appearance aside,... Continue Reading →

Synchronicity, again

I often have strange episodes of synchronicity in my life. Some of that, I am sure, is just the Aspie trait of pattern recognition causing me to connect details that are not anomalous but simply things that would go unnoticed by most people, so they seem significant even though they really aren't. Other times, though,... Continue Reading →

Thank my cat for this… 

I figured I'd gotten all the mileage I was going to from #millipedeMonday but when I got home for lunch, I found one trapped under a glass that my partner had saved from Basement Cat1 so here you go. That's a spinner ring from Stimtastic in the picture, by the way.2 1As with the dogs, this is... Continue Reading →

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