I’m just going to keep rolling with millipede Monday, I guess… 

… At least until I run out of millipede encounters. 

This little guy was hanging out on a fake potted plant I have in my downstairs bathroom. Fake because our cats are jerks; one of them has since chewed on the ‘leaves’ of this plant, getting the last word (for now) in the ongoing human vs. feline battle over houseplants. 

I’ve got a few posts floating around in my brain but it was a busy weekend and right now our house has two kittens in the spare room, an injured turtle in the upstairs bathroom, and a mouse-sized spider in a terrarium in the kitchen. Those last two houseguests should be leaving soon, but the kittens are (if all goes well) joining the existing menagerie to bring the total to three dogs and six cats. 

That’s at least four more cats than I ever wanted, but… it’s complicated. Sort of like the song they teach you in kindergarten about the old lady who swallowed the fly 1 except involving trying to provide playmates for bored felines instead of catching a fly. This time there’s two littermates, so that if they get snubbed by the others they’ll at least have each other.

Featured image: Skinny black millipede crawling on the gray stone pot of a plastic plant

1That woman had some serious pica issues.

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