Today’s post was hijacked by a cat

I was halfway through a post this evening when Basement Cat (who is feeling a bit needy with all the attention the kittens are getting) climbed on top of the laptop keyboard and laid across it, making it rather hard to type. Also, he drools when he’s happy, so I had to extract the laptop from under the 14 pounds of black cat and shut it down, for its own safety. 

I’ll finish that one tomorrow. In the meantime, here’s a photo of my pet spider, who was unhappy with me in this picture because I moved her from her glass jar to a larger terrarium that I could clean safely. The giant pile of moldy discarded moth wings and other leavings under her perch was kind of gross and the jar mouth was too narrow for me to reach in.  

That was a few days ago and she seems to have adapted to the new habitat now. 

Featured image: My pet white-banded fishing spider (Dolomedes albineus) crouched against the branches in her terrarium.

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