Busted Thermostat 

I have had a couple of "good weeks" where my various odd symptoms were much improved; things seem to wax and wane, but I suspect that all the antihistamines I am taking for the poison ivy played a part, which maybe points in the direction of at least part of my issue being maybe something... Continue Reading →

Cthulhu mummy

While putting on my shoes, I looked at the label on the inside and thought it was a mummy with a beard of tentacles at first. Then I realized I was looking at it upside down - it's actually a stylized tree.  I like my interpretation better. 😀 Featured Image: Timberland shoe label, viewed upside down. 

2017 solar eclipse 

Yesterday I took the afternoon off work to experience the solar eclipse. Some friends of mine were driving higher into the mountains to the southwest to try and get into range of the totality without dealing with the congestion that most of the more popular areas were going to experience, and I rode with them. ... Continue Reading →

Peeping beetle

"Hey! Let me in!" this beetle seems to be saying, drawn by the kitchen light. Eater-of-Things and the cats are in favor of this idea, for reasons not conducive to the health of the beetle. I, on the other hand, am not in favor, because I don't want to watch a half dozen cats and... Continue Reading →

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