Mental Jukebox: From Great Above to Great Below

This is getting posted a day late; the song I woke up with in my head yesterday was actually very appropriate for the day of the eclipse: ‘From Great Above to Great Below’ from the album Black Snake by Wendy Rule.

Wendy Rule is a talented songwriter with an amazing voice. This song grabbed me the very first time I heard it, and I think I played it over and over for days when I first bought Black Snake. It’s all about the interconnected-ness of the life on our planet, the sun and moon that nourish that life and give it rhythm, and infinite universe around us; the words perfectly capture the sense of wonder I feel when I contemplate these things myself…

…From Great Above to Great Below,
The midnight stars, the moon’s sweet glow,
The sunshine warm upon the earth,
The mystery of death and birth,
The universe of endless dreams,
A billion spiraling galaxies…

Unfortunately, the lyrics aren’t posted anywhere online for this song and I am not sure how clear they come through on the live performance I’ve embedded here that I found on YouTube. There’s a snippet of the studio version on CDBaby where the album is for sale, but not the whole song.

Featured Image: Partial solar eclipse, January 4, 2011, location unidentified. Photo by SChurch at 

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