Stress-recovery Spider Sunday

I survived the big upgrade last week... Barely. Two ten-plus hour days with no breaks, plus going in on what I had scheduled as a day off to recover on Friday left me completely and utterly worn out. Actually, I was pretty much done after the first day, where the stress of having to try... Continue Reading →


Today I am doing a huge software upgrade at work. I've been anxious about this for months, as it is the first time I have had to coordinate something like this myself rather than just follow instructions for a project someone else managed. It involves four servers being updated and then over a hundred computers... Continue Reading →

Spider Sunday

Today while working in the yard I found all sorts of neat creatures, including this little crab spider (not sure of exact species) who I managed to coerce into holding still long enough for a photo. Featured Image: Crab spider sitting on top of my hand. 

Leggy den lurker

So we were sitting down with our plates of food in the den earlier, when I noticed a large blob (I'm nearsighted but don't usually wear my glasses unless I'm driving)  on the wall near the ceiling.  I pointed. "what is that?"  My partner, who is not nearsighted, looked where I was pointing. "uuhhh..." she... Continue Reading →


I took up acrylic painting about five years ago, back when we lived at the last house; I'm not especially good at it, but I enjoy it very much. Or at least, I did before I got so sick. At my best, I was doing one or two paintings a week, but as my energy... Continue Reading →

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