Leggy den lurker

So we were sitting down with our plates of food in the den earlier, when I noticed a large blob (I’m nearsighted but don’t usually wear my glasses unless I’m driving)  on the wall near the ceiling. 

I pointed. “what is that?” 

My partner, who is not nearsighted, looked where I was pointing. “uuhhh…” she said apprehensively. 

Now I was interested: “Ooh! Big moth? Spider?” 

“Uh, neither. Giant. Hairy. Centipede.” She didn’t sound nearly as excited about it as I was. 

She stood guard while I grabbed a glass, a piece of paper, and a ladder. If I missed and it jumped, I’d never find it – but I’ll bet Eater-of-Things or one of the felines would, so I had to make sure I was faster than the centipede. 

The capture was successful and the house centipede is spending the night in a big jar until I can release it outside tomorrow. It’s very pretty – I don’t think I’ve ever seen one this big and healthy. 

House centipede close up
Hey… Let me out of here, dammit!

House centipedes are harmless and are voracious predators that will keep a home free of other bugs and spiders. This house is not a safe place for one, though. 
Featured Image: House centipede (Scutigera coleoptrata) contained in a large jar sitting on a piece of lined paper.

One thought on “Leggy den lurker

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  1. That is a great shot of a very….unsettling number of legs lol. I think insects are beautiful (even the ones that aren’t butterflies). The more unusual they are, the more I like them, but these guys are too fast for me. If it will jump on me or run faster than me, I tend to turn my lens away and carefully creep by.

    Mind you, I dislike ending their lives. My son is usually brave enough to work with me to work out a capture and release somehow. (He’s not there for the release but though. There has to be at least one layer of house between him and the release site lol)

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