Pirate mode

Actual text exchange between my partner and I today while we were both at work. 😀

Me: I think I woke up with a migraine or something. Hurts above left eye and the eye is a bit blurry and twitching.

Her: Oh no. From not sleeping?

Me: Who knows. I think it’s one of those eye migraines again. I’ve got my left eye covered so that I can keep working. I’m sure I look like a dork but it helps

Her: I’m sorry…

Me: #piratemode

(I wait a moment for her to take the bait, but no reply…) 

Me: Arrrrr! 

Her: ?

Me: That was pirate speak. 

Me: On account of my eye patch

Her: Ah

Me: My expectations of you were too high again. 

Her: Yep

That last comment was a reference back to a previous instance a few days ago of some geek reference or bad pun of mine falling flat, and her saying my expectations of her were too high.

Between the bad jokes, irritations like kleenex in the washing machine (I tend to hoard them in pockets then forget to take them out) and a million little quirks like having to eat all my food with the same favorite spoon and fork –  plus the occasional meltdown – she puts up with a lot from me. 

Featured Image: Out-of-focus closeup of a chestnut pod, vibrant color filter applied. It felt like there was one of these inside my head this morning

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