My first adventure with compression stockings

This will be the first of a series of posts, probably, as I figure out if compression socks/stockings will be helpful for my POTS symptoms, and if so, which ones work best for me.

The first ones I’ve tried are ‘Jomi cotton compression socks’ which are black, knee high, and mostly cotton with a bit of spandex. According to the size chart, I should have ordered a medium, but according to the Amazon reviews, the chart is bonkers and a small might still be too big. They weren’t super expensive, so I took my chances with the small.

The reviews were right; the foot is too big. I got around that by putting a pair of regular ankle socks underneath to fill them out a bit. I am not sure if they are as tight as they should be on the ankles and calves, though, given that the foot was definitely too big, as I don’t have anything to compare them to. I’m hoping maybe they will shrink a bit in the wash.

The big test was whether I’d be able to tolerate the sensation of tightness on my legs. That actually was totally a non-issue, in fact I found it rather comforting. Of course, I also sleep with a fifteen pound weighted blanket and a sheet pulled tightly around my shoulders like a cocoon, so I may be a bit of an outlier as far as such things go.

Did it help? I’m not sure… I think so? I also recently started the beta blocker, so it’s hard to tell if both things made a difference, or just one or the other. Either way, it’s also not much of a difference.  I suppose a heart rate of 148 is better than 171, but it’s still more than I think walking around my room getting ready for work in the morning warrants. I’m going going to try a few other brands, for comparison

Featured Image: Large spider, type unknown, comfortably ensconced in a crevice. Lightly vignetted filter with a slight sepia cast. 

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