Sorry I’ve kind of dropped off the face of the blogosphere this past week but the weather has thrown me into hibernation mode, I think. I live in the southeast and we’ve been in the grip of a brutal cold snap for the past week or so. We aren’t used to single digit nights (with wind chills in the negative teens) for days on end, here, and it’s starting to wear me down. I’m perpetually drowsy and snacky – what is it about cold weather that makes you want to eat yourself into a coma? I just wish it would get warm enough that I could start getting outside again – especially since I’m actually not too stiff and sore right now, for whatever reason.

Anyway, if the weather forecasts are to be believed, tonight is the last night of bitter cold and tomorrow a warming trend will start up. I have rampaged through the last of the holiday snack food that was in the house, and am not buying any more, so between those two things maybe I will have some spark back in a few days.

I did manage to get outside walking at lunch a couple of days in the past week or two, even in spite of the cold, and took the photo on this post on an 18 degree day this past Friday. Besides numbing any bits of exposed flesh, the bitter cold is hard on feet; the ground is so hard that when I took off my shoes at the end of the day after that last walk, the small bones in my ankles and feet made little crunching and popping noises when I stood up to get my slippers. Maybe I just need better shoes.

Featured Image: Thick, cracked coating of ice over a local creek. White vignetted border and a lightly applied filter called ‘winter’ was used. 

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  2. I hear you, my lovely! The hibernation forces are strong 😊. I feel the same way – the need to “cocoon” and withdraw from the world for a bit at times. You’re not alone, and please don’t worry about taking the time you need to rest (winter is kind of a time to rest, what with the shorter daylight and the chilly temperatures and all); we love you and we’ll be here 😘❤️

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