Control interrupted

Well, my surge of productivity and self-improvement has kind of fizzled, mostly due to a completely disrupted routine. Between bad weather, scheduling changes, and several other things that completely derailed my normal work pattern, I’m having to get back into the flow of things. I hate routine changes, it completely messes me up.

I started physical therapy, then had to cancel and reschedule my second appointment because we had snow and therefore my car was stuck on the mountain till it thawed. This also resulted in one day where I had to work from home, another where both my partner and I had to get a ride in to work, and then a third day where my partner had to drive me to work and pick me up because her vehicle could make it out but mine couldn’t. No exercise on any of those days, due to it being too cold and snowy for walking and no way to get to the employee gym without my car.

I know, this all sounds like “first world problems” but it caused me a lot of additional anxiety and sensory issues. I am very routine-driven, and when the routine is off, I start to forget things and screw up, because I am used to doing things a certain way and in a certain order so that I don’t lose track.

Since it was so cold again, I’ve been sort of shut down, and haven’t done any blogging – or anything else that involved being out from under a blanket. I’ve also been going to bed even earlier than usual, as early as 8:15 some nights.

Anyway, this week is more normal so hopefully I can get back into a routine. I have my second physical therapy appointment today and I have been doing my PT ‘homework’ dilligently since the first appointment last week.

I don’t think I wrote about that, did I? It was a one-hour assessment and the physical therapist found that my joints were loose and my muscles were horribly tight, trying to compensate – which is pretty typical for hEDS. She’s focusing on trying to strengthen the muscles in my neck, as this is where my worst issues are right now.

The person I am working with is nice, but the facility itself is a bit overwhelming because it’s one large room full of people and I have to take the Interstate to get there. So far, I’m managing the sensory assault and I’m hoping to get through all of the appointments without any of them falling at a time where I’m already overloaded. It’s an intimidating amount of noise and motion and people in my space.

The exercises are interesting, just tiny movements done with very little force. If you do them right, it strengthens the muscles you are trying to build up, but if you do it wrong/use too much effort, it activates a completely different muscle group that make the problem worse instead of better. I hope I have been doing them correctly, it’s really hard for me not to overdo it; I just instinctively tend to go overboard.

In other news, the iron-on patch on my weighted blanket, necessitated by Eater of Things’ nocturnal destruction, did not hold. I once again got out of bed and stepped on a minefield of little plastic pellets a few days ago. I’ve now replaced as many of the beads as I could round up (I did eventually get frustrated and vacuumed some of them up) and have sewn the patch on. It is a hideous sewing job, but should hold. The heavy duvet I encased the blanket in seems to have deterred the little vandal from further destruction, though I did catch him chewing the upper quilt one night. I yelled at him and banished him from under the blanket that night, and am hoping that got it through his head that if he wants to be warm and cozy, he needs to leave the bedding alone.

I have gotten my mandated 30+ minutes of cardio two days so far this week; I have to walk ridiculously fast to keep the heart rate up in the target zone and my feet are not coping well with the speed-walking. They really hurt, and I don’t mean achy ‘that was a lot of walking’ type pain, but more like ‘good gods, did I break something in there?’ pain. The pain is on the middle of the outer side of both feet, feels like bone pain, and since we’re dealing with hypermobility here, it’s actually possible that I’m displacing the bone(s) and doing real damage. I’m going to have to see about either getting some different footwear or access to a recumbent bike.

I’d really rather get most of my exercise by walking if it’s feasible; being out in nature makes me happy and relaxed, whereas having to go to a gym makes me anxious and stressed.

There’s a runner’s store near the physical therapy facility that has a foot specialist on staff, and I think I will stop in there on the way back from PT today and see if they have any recommendations. Maybe I just need shoes with more rigid support and better cushioning? My knees have been slipping a bit, too, but that I can usually control as long as I am vigilantly mindful of how I move my legs.

We’re in a warm spell right now, but winter is probably not done yet by a long shot. Oh, how I long for spring… This is my least favorite time of year.

Featured Image: Bare-branched trees silhouetted against a vivid sunset. Filter called ‘autumn’ applied.

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