Non-change of plans

We’ve been alternating between soaking rains and high winds the past few days or so, and it’s brought down a lot of branches and more than a few actual trees. I was sitting on the couch a few minutes ago, alone in the house because my partner went out to a social event, and all of a sudden the power went out. I reported the outage and the automated system said that it was due to fallen trees and would be out for up to four hours.

Now I am going to be stuck sitting here in the dark in complete silence, reading my kindle, when I’d really been looking forward to, well, sitting in the dark in complete silence reading my kindle. 😀

If it’s not back on by bedtime and I don’t have my fan for white noise and air circulation, it’s going to kind of suck, though.

Featured Image: Pot of mini daffodils on a windowsill in the morning sun. No filter.

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