Ending PT on a low note

This past Thursday marked the sixty day mark with my physical therapy; I was given the choice of continuing to come in every two weeks, or working on the exercises at home from this point on.

I chose the latter option. I managed for as long as I could, but the crowded, noisy environment was so hard on my senses. The structure changed over time as well, and that was a problem for me; for the first few sessions I worked with one person who paid close attention to making sure I was doing the exercises right, but later she’d be working with multiple people at once, and I’d get passed off to an assistant mid-session without warning, and then sometimes to a third person.

For most people, this probably would not be an issue, but I have trouble dealing with new people on the fly, it was very stressful and difficult to try and adapt to the sudden disruptions, which led to my getting flustered and forgetting the exercise moves, having increased difficulty telling my left from right, and stupid things like that.

The physical therapists would be loudly talking with each other while working and it made it hard for me to think. Or the person working with me would wander off and I’d be having trouble with a move, but feel too intimidated and overwhelmed to raise my voice to call them back.

All of that, I know, is a ‘me’ issue but it meant that it was probably time for me to give it up. I lasted as long as I could.

There was one thing on that last day that I would say was their issue and not mine. They had me do an exercise that I don’t think was safe given my hypermobility and poor balance, and now my wrists are kind of jacked up.

The exercise was called ‘bird dog’ and involved getting on my hands and knees on the table and extending one arm and the opposite leg. I have fine, bendy wrists and that was just too much. They hurt for days afterwards and still feel wonky.

Anyway, I have three months in which I can go back for more sessions without needing a new referral, but I don’t see that happening. I’ll just keep working on my own. The only thing that I can’t do on my own that I think was really helping was the massage to loosen the knotted muscles. I guess I can look into getting that done somewhere else except I don’t think I can afford it.

I spent this past weekend taking it easy and even slept for over eight hours one night! Sunday, I dug out my insect coloring book that I’d bought last year (and hadn’t even opened yet!) and spent a couple of hours working on the first page. It was nice to feel up to doing more than just sitting around like a lump.

Featured Image: Partially completed page in an insect-themed coloring book, showing flowers, leaves, and a beetle with the leaf detail being shaded in a medium green. No filter, soft-edged border.

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  1. I have relied on monthly massages for years to loosen knotted muscles before knowing about EDS. Massage Envy runs about one massage per the cost of two physical therapy co-pays. It’s not affordable, but I don’t think I’d have functioned for so long undiagnosed without it and way cheaper than the other guys. Just be prepared to have to instruct the masseur the first time. I lucked into one who knew about protecting joints and I had a course of PT in my twenties that taught me a lot of EDS stuff without explaining WHY my neck couldn’t support my head. I got some of it in writing and took it to the masseur when insurance cut me off.

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