April fooled

Instead of an alarm clock, I use the silent alarm feature on my Fitbit to get up in the morning. I set two alarms: one at 5:40 am, and another one at 5:45 am in case I just turn off the first one and go back to sleep. It still takes me about a half hour to drag myself out of bed, but it works.

This past Friday was a holiday where I work; Thursday night I disabled the alarm so that I could sleep in. It was really nice to have the extra day off, and to spend the whole weekend at home peacefully. I actually had several good nights and felt like doing some of the projects around my house, in fact I painted one of the bathrooms, removed a tacky old chrome recessed toilet paper holder, then repaired the huge hole it left and plastered over the patch!

This morning I woke up in a panic at 5:45 am, realizing I’d never turned the alarms back on. Thank goodness I woke up on my own! I went through my morning routine of measuring my HRV and blood pressure, thinking as I did it that the weekend seemed to go so fast… Hey, wait a minute. 😠

Dammit. It’s not Monday. I got up before dawn for no good reason. I suck.

I turned the light back off and rolled over to try and go back to sleep, cursing myself. I guess because I’d already been up moving around, I didn’t go back to a deep sleep but rather spent the next couple of hours in that weird drifting, dreaming state where half awake and half asleep.

I had a terrible headache and finally went upstairs to grab some tylenol, and my partner got up and opened the freezer and pulled out this tiny plastic bottle of some sort of cola and said I needed to use that to swallow the pills. I was squeezing the bottle trying to thaw the frozen syrupy liquid and I realized that I’d never gotten up at all and was dreaming.

I woke myself up, thinking I really did need something for my headache, but I couldn’t make my body move and then I drifted into some other batshit crazy dream, and kept doing that over and over. I’m not sure how many times I ‘got up’ before I finally woke up for real. I haven’t done that in a long time.

When I went upstairs (no, really this time) to turn on the coffeemaker, It occurred to me that it was April 1, and that I’d pretty much started the day by pranking myself. 🤣

Featured Image: Large wild rabbit in the grass, no filter, white beveled border.

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