Mental Jukebox: The Raven

So it’s been months since I did one of these ‘mental jukebox‘ posts. It’s not because my brain doesn’t have a constant and varied soundtrack running through it at any given time, it’s because it was one of those ideas of mine that was a bit overly ambitious. I wasn’t content just to post the name of a song I had running through my head, I wanted to have a format – to take the time and describe details like when I discovered a song, what it meant to me, or what the song was actually about, and also have links to more info and an embedded playable version of the song in the post.

Those first few things take more time and brain cells than I generally have available to me, and the last two are a veritable pain in the ass to try and execute in the WordPress Android app, which is where I do most of my posting from. So anyway, that’s why there aren’t more.

I woke up this morning with this song running through my head. It’s a musical rendition of Edgar Allen Poe’s poem “The Raven” performed by the band Omnia. I had a job at the time doing field IT for a national laboratory company and I was on the road up to fifteen hours a day (yeah, this was when the narcolepsy was just starting to ramp up, towards the end of my three years at that job I was having to pull over and take ’emergency naps’) and I listened to a lot of podcasts on those long drives. I first heard this song on a Pagan podcast one day. I thought it was wonderful – still do – and would play it over and over.

There’s a custom playlist I created in my music account that has a bunch of the music I discovered around that time, and I still listen to it regularly, but it’s been a while so I am not sure why this was suddenly in my brain. Anyway, here’s a version I found with the lyrics embedded. Enjoy 🙂

Featured Image: Illustration for ‘The Raven” by James Carling sourced from Wikimedia Commons. Black and white illustration of a man sitting backwards on a chair facing a large wooden door, with a raven perched on a bust above the door, backlit and casting a large shadow almost like a cloaked figure.

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  1. Oh my goodness! I love music, and my tastes are rather selective and eclectic…which translates to my falling in love with this song instantly! 😍. Thank you thank you for sharing this! I love your mental jukebox 😁😘❣

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