The return of Millipede Monday!

My partner found this gorgeous millipede pretending to be dead in our laundry room, and brought it to me. 🙂

I think it’s probably Sigmoria latior, known as the red-sided or flat-backed millipede. I find them under decaying leaves when I’m gardening pretty often; it can be startling when it’s an individual that’s bright yellow instead of red, because for a split second when I see the flash of bright yellow and black stripes before I get a good look, it looks like I’ve just unearthed the mother of all yellowjackets! I’m sure it’s a lot more startling for the millipede, of course…

I released this one outside after admiring it a few moments and snapping a couple of pictures. It trundled away and disappeared under an azalea bush. I’m really lucky to have a partner that brings me things she finds crawling around the house, even though she’s not especially fond of them herself. 💜

Featured Image: A large millipede (about 2.5″) crawling on my hand. The body is flattened, orange-red, with black bands and yellowish legs.

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