Hi, my name is Lycosa and I have no common sense

I do this every year: I vow to not go all crazy with the gardening, and then I do exactly that. My rational side accepts that I just don’t have enough spoons most days, let alone a shovel, but then this other person takes over, and that person is a bit of an idiot.

This year’s pledge was ‘just one tomato plant… And maybe a basil plant…’ Somehow, that morphed into five tomato plants, five strawberry plants, three basils, two peppers, two nasturtiums, some zinnias, a tomatillo, an apple tree I grew from a sprouted seed I found inside an apple I was eating, two ground cherries, and something called a hairy balls plant (no, really, Google it, lol – it’s a kind of milkweed). Oh, and I rooted some forsythia branches, which will now have to be planted as well.

What used to be taken care of in a whirlwind of one weekend’s effort when I was healthier has taken me literally weeks to accomplish this year, but as of today everything but the nasturtiums (I forgot about them) are either in the ground or in patio pots. I have weird bruising on my left hand from digging, a screaming tailbone, something is subluxed in one foot because my old sneakers don’t have orthotic inserts, and I’m going to bed at eight o’clock tonight, but at least it’s done!

Next year I am not going to go crazy with the gardening, I swear. I will have one tomato plant…

…and maybe some basil… 🤣

Featured Image: Several tomato seedlings – and one apple tree. I grew all my tomato plants from heirloom seeds I saved in 2015 and 2016, and they all sprouted, I gave away a bunch of plants and still ended up with five left. I also forgot to mark which ones were which so I have no idea what I’ve planted until they start growing tomatoes. I have half Cherokee purple and half garden peach, I just don’t know which half are which.

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