I guess I’ll see what tomorrow brings

I just crossed the third-longest cable-stayed bridge in the western hemisphere a little over an hour ago. I’m glad I didn’t realize ahead of time that I’d be doing that; as it was, I just had time to mumble “ohshitohshitohshit” as I approached it from a distance and then pretend I wasn’t actually suspended over the water as I went across. It was the last 20 minutes of a very long drive so I was also too exhausted to really freak out.

Tomorrow morning is the appointment with the neurosurgeon who will be interpreting my MRIs and then I get to make the long trek back. Maybe I’ll be brave enough to go see the ocean first, we’ll see. The traffic here is intimidating.

Right now I’m laying on a hotel bed underneath my weighted blanket with a heating pad on my feet, trying to recharge before dinner. I’m meeting a friend I used to work with (I managed to not chicken out at the last minute on that) at a restaurant that is, thankfully, literally across the parking lot from the hotel. I’m not sure I could have faced getting back in the rental car so soon… I’m too old and stiff for this much driving.

I miss my furry kids and my normal routine and my home. I’m nervous about having to be social without my partner to act as a buffer. I’m uneasy about having to meet and have to communicate with a new doctor, and not looking forward to making that drive again (or to the bridge, now that I’m expecting it haha) but at least this will be over with.

Featured Image: Fledgling mockingbird, one of two that was outside the building where I work. The parents were feeding them so hopefully they can steer clear of predators and human feet until they can fly on their own. It was hard not to intervene and ‘help’ but this is a normal process for a lot of song birds. I feel about as lost as this baby bird looks, right now. I hate being away from home.

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