Minus ten points for the socks

This morning I was determined to pay more attention to my ‘getting dressed’ process.

  1. Colors match? Check. Going with all black so not an issue.
  2. Shirt not inside out or backwards? Check. This was a problem last week.
  3. Shoes are from the same pair? Check. Hey, I am doing good today. :mentally pats self on back:
  4. Socks match? Oh for f***sakes, really? :takes shoes off to swap one mismatched sock:

Hopefully successfully dressing myself will set the right tone for the rest of the day – I have a big software upgrade to coordinate at work on top of the usual mayhem.

Work has been really bad the past few months, which is taking its toll on my executive function and masking abilities. Hence the increased incidence of mismatched shoes, inside out shirts, and other scatterbrained stuff. I am solely responsible for over 250 users and about 300 computers plus phones, servers, and other equipment and being able to do a good job of it hinges on everything running smoothly, which it most certainly has NOT, for several months now, thanks to the Email System Migration From Hell.

There’s way more help desk tickets than I can get to on my own right now, so people have taken to wandering into my workspace like stray cats because they are used to a much faster response. It completely derails my train of thought when they do that, and makes me flustered and irritable. I am not sure how to break them of doing that and I really can’t afford to have the disruptions when I am up to my elbows in SQL backups and software patches. I think today I will add the Hoodie of ‘No.’ to my outfit.

Featured Image: Close up of the front of black hoodie with the word “NO.” on the front in bold white capital letters. Some cat hair also visible.

4 thoughts on “Minus ten points for the socks

Add yours

  1. I love working from home. Only my top has to be right side out. I can be in yoga pants and slippers on the bottom, and no one in the conference call will ever know. I’m not sure how I managed to pull off being so annoyingly ADHD/PTSDish that I earned *more* accommodations from a boss who is insensitive to either, but if you can ever pull off a remote tech job (even one or two days a week), it saves a lot of spoons from just not having to mask as hard in appearance, plus the benefits of being able to use ring splints and heating pads without open staring.

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