I haven’t been around here much the past few months. I haven’t really been anywhere else online, either. Work has been… rough… and I don’t have much in the way of energy left at the end of each day so I’ve retreated into myself, mostly. I’m fine, though. Really.

  • I took advantage of the little bit I was able to recuperate over the holidays, dusting off my acrylic paints and doing an 8×10 portrait of a friend’s cat.
  • I got a new tattoo, and there’s a funny/gross story that goes along with that which I promise I will share here when I have enough brainpower to do the tale justice.
  • I binged my way through the Netflix series Sense8, and liked it so much (in spite of the sex scenes making me uncomfortable) that I started it back from the beginning again when I was done.
  • I read through the backlog of books on my Kindle and then lost myself in audiobook versions of several Charles de Lint Newford books while pecking away at my color-by-numbers phone app. That’s where I still am now – working my way through The Onion Girl and an endless stream of digital mandalas.

Lately, I’ve been struggling hard with sleep attacks, and it’s too cold and dark to do much outside anyway, so I’m muddling through the best way I know how and waiting for spring. I’ll be back when I can.

Featured Image: Buds on one of our Japanese maples, encased in a thick glaze of ice after a recent winter storm. Slightly vignetted, with a thin black border, and filter is ‘carmine’.

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