Lycosa is the Greek word for ‘wolf’ and more specifically,  the name of a genus of wolf spiders. If that’s already more than you ever wanted to know about spiders,  you are probably on the wrong blog,  because I’m partial to them (to all nature,  really,  but especially all the weird and wonderful creatures that make most people shudder) and I tend to go on about them.  I’ll try not to get too carried away here, though, since that’s not what this blog is about. 

What is it about? Mostly it’s about spending my whole life never really fitting in, crashing pretty hard due to illness and exhaustion in my late forties – and getting diagnosed on the spectrum as a result. It’s about the ripples this newfound knowledge is causing in my life. And it’s about how the journey of learning about autism has opened my mind to thinking about the world in completely new ways.

And maybe, every now and then, it will be a bit about spiders. Because I’m me.

One last note… I have been on the Internet and had my own  online presence for about twenty years, but have chosen to create this blog anonymously out of respect for the privacy of my family, and in my own best interest. There are all sorts of sensitive and thorny issues I’m trying to sort out and process: issues from my childhood, relationship challenges,  job stress,  to name a few; If I had to worry about hurting feelings,  outing others, or jeopardizing my safety or job security, I’d self-censor – and I think that’s partly how I got myself in such a burned-out state to begin with.

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