Well, I didn’t see THIS coming!

So it's been about a month since my registered letter asking my father to cease all contact was received, and I've heard... nothing. I'm actually kind of surprised, I expected at least a bitter letter denouncing my 'betrayal' and normally in this amount of time I'd get at least two letters (his writing is as... Continue Reading →

36 Hours

Well, I am home. I left the house on Thursday at ten-thirty in the morning and pulled back in around four-thirty in the afternoon on Friday, so that was thirty six hours altogether, with over twelve hours of that on the road. Plus picking up and dropping off the rental car. I am beyond exhausted,... Continue Reading →

I guess I’ll see what tomorrow brings

I just crossed the third-longest cable-stayed bridge in the western hemisphere a little over an hour ago. I'm glad I didn't realize ahead of time that I'd be doing that; as it was, I just had time to mumble "ohshitohshitohshit" as I approached it from a distance and then pretend I wasn't actually suspended over... Continue Reading →

Stupid EDS tricks

A few minutes ago I was sitting at my desk at work eating a peach, and discovered after I bit into it that the peach was really, really ripe. This made it quite tasty, but also excessively messy. One of my sensory quirks is that I don't like my food touching me, especially things that... Continue Reading →

Traveling while autistic

I have a friend who has recently discovered AirBnB. She and her husband rent out a property they own to vacationers and tourists to our area, and they've also used the service for vacationing, themselves. She's an outgoing person who likes to shop for deals, so it works for her. When she found out (via... Continue Reading →

Survival camouflage

Prior to my getting into Information Technology, I worked for many years as a Veterinary Technician, and even before that, animals were always one of my biggest interests. One thing I learned early on with small animals I kept - especially birds and reptiles, but it's something you see a lot in cats as well... Continue Reading →

Cascading clusterf**k

Warning: foul language ahead Even though I have an epic potty-mouth (things like home improvement projects are not a PG-rated event in my house) I try to keep the blog fairly clean so as not to alienate someone, but I find it hard to write this post without utilizing words like 'shitshow' and 'clusterfuck' so... Continue Reading →

Return of the living dead (Aspie)

I have been cold all day, so cold my fingers were stiff and bluish looking under the nails, and I also am having problems with my right SI joint and hip for some reason. Well, not exactly 'for some reason' but rather most likely because I did some yard work, mowing, and weed-eating yesterday. Anyway,... Continue Reading →

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