Millipede(less) Monday and burnout

Well, all things must come to an end and there were no millepede sightings in my house last week, thus no Millipede Monday today. Here is a pretty little green lacewing I spotted on my deck railing, instead. In our house, we nicknamed these 'tinkerbelles' since they look like little fairy creatures. Delicate appearance aside,... Continue Reading →

Shearing day

A friend of ours lives in a gated community that has a pool, and invited us to come hang out at the pool today. I was initially very excited, because I absolutely love to swim! And then as I was trying to remember where I'd stored my bathing suit, I realized I had a quandary:... Continue Reading →

Down a rabbit hole

Featured Image: A soggy sacrificial seahorse, nudged onto the laptop by Eater-of-Things - who was trying to get my attention away from the screen I'd been glued to for hours. This morning, in spite of my looking forward to sleeping in, I was up at five. My first impulse was to capitalize on that early... Continue Reading →

POTS is the pits

Featured Image: a slightly scruffy looking black, yellow, and blue swallowtail butterfly, hovered in mid-flight over the flowers of a privet bush. This week was rough. Because I have taken next week off as vacation time (more of a recuperation period than a vacation) my intention was to focus on getting as many of my... Continue Reading →

Don’t go away mad, just go away

The dreaded family visit went better in some ways - and much worse in others - than I had expected. I am still recovering. The parents had a good time, and that was what the day was supposed to be all about - celebrating Father's Day and my partner's dad getting to see the house.... Continue Reading →

Well, that was pretty awful

Last night I had a meltdown. Not a quiet withdrawn shutdown, but a full-on meltdown, the worst in years.  I guess I should have seen it coming, with a long work week behind me and a lot of things causing a huge amount of stress, including today's family visit.  We worked all evening to get... Continue Reading →

Frozen on the train tracks 

My partner's family is coming to visit tomorrow. I have been silently dreading this all week. Dreading it because... There's a lot of drama between her parents. We've got a 'don't ask - don't tell' thing going on as far as the whole gay thing. I've managed to keep my foot out of my mouth... Continue Reading →


When you forgot your lunch, your autocorrect has gone berserk, and your partner is a bit of an asp-hole:  Note: Honest, I did not sabotage her phone - I'm not sure why it now changes 'you' to 'thou' - but maybe I've not been as helpful as I should in getting it fixed, because it's pretty... Continue Reading →

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