Fan clubbed

I've been feeling pretty decent lately, so I decided to tackle one of the household protects I had on hold: painting the room where we enter the house downstairs. I don't know if 'mudroom' is the right word for it, but it's where we hang coats and take off muddy shoes so I guess that... Continue Reading →

Water balloon

Content warning: skip this one if you are squeamish about bodily fluids.Last month, I had a fairly large tattoo put on my left upper arm. It was something I'd planned for some time, commemorating the journey I've been on with my medical issues and autism diagnosis in a positive way. I was fortunate enough to... Continue Reading →

WTF Wednesday

I owe Visualvox credit for the title for this blog post, and I guess I owe my pal #brainfog for the inspiration. Yes, my closet where I keep all of my shoes is pretty dark, and yes, I'm having a dry eye flare-up so I had gel eye drops making my vision blurry, but you'd... Continue Reading →

Brain fog for breakfast

Yesterday morning, having woken up with exceptionally bad brain fog, I followed my usual 'autopilot' routine of making coffee and taking my meds, but my autopilot apparently got stuck... Get cups, put baking cocoa and cayenne in my cup, (that's how I like my coffee) pour coffee, get the coconut milk (for me) and soy... Continue Reading →

Stupid EDS tricks

A few minutes ago I was sitting at my desk at work eating a peach, and discovered after I bit into it that the peach was really, really ripe. This made it quite tasty, but also excessively messy. One of my sensory quirks is that I don't like my food touching me, especially things that... Continue Reading →

Return of the living dead (Aspie)

I have been cold all day, so cold my fingers were stiff and bluish looking under the nails, and I also am having problems with my right SI joint and hip for some reason. Well, not exactly 'for some reason' but rather most likely because I did some yard work, mowing, and weed-eating yesterday. Anyway,... Continue Reading →

Tumbleweed head

After being at work for almost an hour (and having several interactions including briefly meeting with my boss to discuss a project) I went to the restroom, and while washing my hands, glanced at the mirror to discover that I had forgotten to brush my hair this morning. Whoops! I have really long wiry hair... Continue Reading →

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