The last two months have been pretty eventful. I will catch up some of this stuff in more detail later (new boss, blunt head trauma, pet rats, various projects) but other things are still too raw to explore (giving up another one of our cats because he was hurting our 13 year old cat, then... Continue Reading →

Water balloon

Content warning: skip this one if you are squeamish about bodily fluids.Last month, I had a fairly large tattoo put on my left upper arm. It was something I'd planned for some time, commemorating the journey I've been on with my medical issues and autism diagnosis in a positive way. I was fortunate enough to... Continue Reading →


I haven't been around here much the past few months. I haven't really been anywhere else online, either. Work has been... rough... and I don't have much in the way of energy left at the end of each day so I've retreated into myself, mostly. I'm fine, though. Really. I took advantage of the little... Continue Reading →


I tend to go on 'autopilot' at times; I'll complete a sequence of events - sometimes fairly elaborate or lengthy - without having any conscious recollection of doing so afterwards. I think we all do that sometimes. I know I've had lots of times where I've gotten halfway to a destination and didn't remember driving... Continue Reading →

Flowers and fatigue

Spring is my favorite time of year. Everything is fresh and new and vibrantly alive, the flowers are all blooming, and the various many-legged critters that disappeared for the winter are returning. Summer is nice, but I don't cope with the heat so well these days, and fall is beautiful but it just makes me... Continue Reading →

Return of the living dead (Aspie)

I have been cold all day, so cold my fingers were stiff and bluish looking under the nails, and I also am having problems with my right SI joint and hip for some reason. Well, not exactly 'for some reason' but rather most likely because I did some yard work, mowing, and weed-eating yesterday. Anyway,... Continue Reading →

Mental Jukebox: The Raven

So it's been months since I did one of these 'mental jukebox' posts. It's not because my brain doesn't have a constant and varied soundtrack running through it at any given time, it's because it was one of those ideas of mine that was a bit overly ambitious. I wasn't content just to post the... Continue Reading →


I had my first EDS-related dream last night. In the dream, I was frustrated and annoyed because my left shoulder kept subluxating constantly. It didn't hurt, but there was a sort of shift-bump-click that kept happening every time I moved my arm and it was irking me to no end in the dream. Incidentally, this... Continue Reading →

April fooled

Instead of an alarm clock, I use the silent alarm feature on my Fitbit to get up in the morning. I set two alarms: one at 5:40 am, and another one at 5:45 am in case I just turn off the first one and go back to sleep. It still takes me about a half... Continue Reading →

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