The only thing worse…

The only thing worse than spotting a wasp on the inside window of your car is when you look again and don't see it any more. 🐝👀😬 Actually the wasp and I both arrived at my destination safely, and I released it to go do whatever wasps do. I wonder if it was confused to... Continue Reading →

Invasion of the Millipedes!

I haven't been posting Millipede Monday for a while because millipedes have kind of stopped being amusing. This spring they have invaded by the thousands and it's really annoying. I believe they are the species known as the garden or hothouse millipede (Oxidus gracilis) and we always get a few once spring comes, but this... Continue Reading →


I'd originally planned a longer post tonight, but I'm sore and feeling run down, so instead I'll share some of my favorite recent spider sightings. 😀🕷️ The featured image is a big wolf spider that was running across the pavement outside our door. My partner actually spotted her and called me to come see. This... Continue Reading →

Another Millipede Monday

Actually, I've cheated and substituted a centipede, but that's what I had to work with this week. 😉 Featured Image: A small, glossy, dark reddish-brown centipede exploring the water glass I trapped it in. I had rescued it from the cats, and released it outdoors after taking the photo.

The return of Millipede Monday!

My partner found this gorgeous millipede pretending to be dead in our laundry room, and brought it to me. 🙂 I think it's probably Sigmoria latior, known as the red-sided or flat-backed millipede. I find them under decaying leaves when I'm gardening pretty often; it can be startling when it's an individual that's bright yellow... Continue Reading →

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