Wall of sadness

Note: I wrote this over a week ago but couldn't quite bring myself to post it at the time. I sort of retreated into myself for a while. I'm better now. It started like a normal day at work. I sifted through my work tickets, trying to prioritize them to see which ones needed to... Continue Reading →


I had a dream a few nights ago that my partner and I were walking through a residential neighborhood. It had the same sort of feel as the nicer side of the city where we first met and used to drive around to look at all of the beautiful old houses, but it didn't match... Continue Reading →

Fan clubbed

I've been feeling pretty decent lately, so I decided to tackle one of the household protects I had on hold: painting the room where we enter the house downstairs. I don't know if 'mudroom' is the right word for it, but it's where we hang coats and take off muddy shoes so I guess that... Continue Reading →


I tend to go on 'autopilot' at times; I'll complete a sequence of events - sometimes fairly elaborate or lengthy - without having any conscious recollection of doing so afterwards. I think we all do that sometimes. I know I've had lots of times where I've gotten halfway to a destination and didn't remember driving... Continue Reading →


Mailbox, that is. The silence from the north was finally broken this past week. I opened my mailbox and took out what at first just looked like a large wad of flyers and coupons, but then a postcard slipped out of the pile. On one side was a map depicting Key West, Florida. On the... Continue Reading →

Recharging and refocusing

My partner left early this morning to visit an old school friend for the next four days. Since getting the nine pets taken care of in the morning is a lot of work, and I am still feeling run down from the Charleston trip, I decided to take today and tomorrow off to have four... Continue Reading →

Well, I didn’t see THIS coming!

So it's been about a month since my registered letter asking my father to cease all contact was received, and I've heard... nothing. I'm actually kind of surprised, I expected at least a bitter letter denouncing my 'betrayal' and normally in this amount of time I'd get at least two letters (his writing is as... Continue Reading →

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