I’m Baaaaack… 

Hope you enjoyed the holiday, but I'm back now,  so have fun feeling like you are going to pass out every time you stand up, again. Love, POTS Featured Image: Display from health app showing a maximum heart rate of 187 just from going up a flight of stairs. 

Empathy overload

Content warning: this post deals with animal euthanasia. Tonight one of my closest friends is about to lose her dog, suddenly and unexpectedly. She invited those who have known and loved her dog to have a chance to come say goodbye, and even though my heart breaks for my friend and I want to be... Continue Reading →

Peeping beetle

"Hey! Let me in!" this beetle seems to be saying, drawn by the kitchen light. Eater-of-Things and the cats are in favor of this idea, for reasons not conducive to the health of the beetle. I, on the other hand, am not in favor, because I don't want to watch a half dozen cats and... Continue Reading →

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