Don’t go away mad, just go away

The dreaded family visit went better in some ways - and much worse in others - than I had expected. I am still recovering. The parents had a good time, and that was what the day was supposed to be all about - celebrating Father's Day and my partner's dad getting to see the house.... Continue Reading →

Well, that was pretty awful

Last night I had a meltdown. Not a quiet withdrawn shutdown, but a full-on meltdown, the worst in years.  I guess I should have seen it coming, with a long work week behind me and a lot of things causing a huge amount of stress, including today's family visit.  We worked all evening to get... Continue Reading →

Frozen on the train tracks 

My partner's family is coming to visit tomorrow. I have been silently dreading this all week. Dreading it because... There's a lot of drama between her parents. We've got a 'don't ask - don't tell' thing going on as far as the whole gay thing. I've managed to keep my foot out of my mouth... Continue Reading →


I was wiping the kitchen counter when I realized that the long straight 'dried out noodle' I was about to scrub away was actually very much alive! Luckily it saw (felt?) the sponge coming and went all wiggly, causing me a moment of confusion but saving itself from a messy demise.  That's the second one... Continue Reading →


When you forgot your lunch, your autocorrect has gone berserk, and your partner is a bit of an asp-hole:  Note: Honest, I did not sabotage her phone - I'm not sure why it now changes 'you' to 'thou' - but maybe I've not been as helpful as I should in getting it fixed, because it's pretty... Continue Reading →


I snapped this photo with my phone at lunch yesterday. It isn't the best quality because it's heavily cropped: the butterflies wouldn't let me get real close. There were about a half dozen of them all over the privet bushes behind the house, plus some smaller butterflies and lots of honeybees,  too. Those bushes are... Continue Reading →

Ceiling surprise 

I was drinking my morning coffee today and my partner was on the phone with her mom, when she suddenly started gesturing to get my attention and pointing at the living room ceiling.  I looked up and there was a red line... moving. I got a stool, a glass, and a piece of cardboard and... Continue Reading →

Seriously? We need a moat. 

So earlier today I was out in the back yard, picking up dog poop, when suddenly I saw an unfamiliar SUV driving up our driveway. My first thought was that someone was lost. I stopped what I was doing to watch them pull up to the house.  I should point out that I live about... Continue Reading →

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