It’s called shopping

My partner is going to the beach with two of our friends next week. I chose to stay behind and take care of the animals, because I have already seen Hilton Head and didn't care for the crowds; the idea of five days of shopping, sightseeing touristy things, and being on a crowded beach sounds... Continue Reading →


I happened to notice this crab spider (and its lunch!) when I was on my way into the building where I work, just a few minutes ago. Normally I capture any spiders that wander in, and release them outdoors before any less arachnid-friendly employees encounter them, but I didn't want to make this one drop... Continue Reading →


So I realized when I re-read my post from yesterday that it came across a bit like some of that 'everything happens for a reason' inspiration-porn that usually annoys the hell out of me, or that it makes it sound like I think having an unfixable medical condition that makes it take every bit of... Continue Reading →

This is who I am, not what I have

I woke up this morning and had a small revelation: my hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, like my autism, is not something I 'have' but rather something that is so much part of me that it has shaped my entire existence. If that sounds like I am just now figuring out something that should have been obvious,... Continue Reading →

POTS for breakfast

I had another bad night; three and a half hours of sleep to follow up on the five I got the night before. Last week, I felt really good and was even sleeping much better, and this week it's like every single thing is flaring up - I'm not sure why, except that maybe 'what... Continue Reading →

Smoke detector battery syndrome

Last night I got up at about one AM to go to the bathroom, which is not unusual. What was unusual is that when I came back to my bedroom, it was strangely quiet. The portable air conditioner, which had been running when I left the room, now... was not. 'Hmmmm... maybe I bumped the... Continue Reading →


I had my first EDS-related dream last night. In the dream, I was frustrated and annoyed because my left shoulder kept subluxating constantly. It didn't hurt, but there was a sort of shift-bump-click that kept happening every time I moved my arm and it was irking me to no end in the dream. Incidentally, this... Continue Reading →

It must be spring!

I spotted this little guy in the employee restroom at work and chased him around with a paper towel until I trapped him safely. Hopefully he hadn't been in there long enough to get a lethal dose of whatever they routinely spray with. I am calling it a wolf spider based on the markings and... Continue Reading →

April fooled

Instead of an alarm clock, I use the silent alarm feature on my Fitbit to get up in the morning. I set two alarms: one at 5:40 am, and another one at 5:45 am in case I just turn off the first one and go back to sleep. It still takes me about a half... Continue Reading →

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